Delayed diagnosis is not uncommon, especially among TB patient and the consequences are obviously severe. Here’s a story from one of the doctors who had aided in REACH’s efforts, about a patient whose abdominal tuberculosis condition went untreated for about 8 months.


“A patient Mrs F (name concealed) had continuous diarrhoea for the past 7 – 8 months. She had seen many leading gastro-enterologists in Chennai, and had been put through multiple endoscopies, colonoscopy procedures and ultrasounds but in vain. No diagnosis was made, and the condition persisted in the patient. When she came to me, she was frustrated with no hope of any relief.

The clue that I went on in my diagnosis was her rapid loss of weight – 5 kgs in 45 days – something that was noted by the previous doctors who had examined her also. A TB Quantiferon Gold test was done and confirmed my diagnosis of TB abdomen. The patient has now been started on anti-TB therapy.”

– Dr Sangeetha Balasubramaniam, Consultant physician and diabetes and hypertension specialist, RoyalHospital, Mount Road