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One day in the month of May 2013, I received a phone call from an Ms.Rema Ravi, who introduced herself as the Director of an Organization Ullankai Charitable Trust, and that they were just a year old. She had got my number from the NGO contacts who were working in Axshya Project. She said that they were interested to provide some educational aid for the children/ special needs children of poor TB patients.

After obtaining the permissions I gave a list of about 36 children of the poor TB patients. I was invited to one of their programs where they were distributing the educational support kit to the children. Each kit contained the following items.

  • Bag
  • Uniform set (TOP and Bottom)
  • 3 Long size note book
  • 3 Short size note book
  • 1 long size Scale,
  • 1 Ink Pen
  • 3 pencils
  • 12 sketch pen
  • 1 sharpener
  • 1 Eraser
  • 1 Geometry Box

Each child had a special smile on their faces as they clutched at the bag and said that they would study hard.

Many times these simple things are taken for granted by many of us, but that day I saw the joy and happiness it brought to the children.

In addition the organization also provided a young disabled person Mr.Anil (*) who was diagnosed as having sputum positive pulmonary and taking DOTS treatment from Kodambakkam centre, a tricycle.

He said, “I was sad after getting afflicted with TB as I had to depend on other people to help me go to the centre. Now that I have the cycle, I will be able to go regularly on my own without having to depend on other people. I thank God and the organization that has helped me.”

I was just happy to just make the proper networking between the organization and the deserving TB patients. Each phone call is very important to me. As an Axshya District Coordinator, I am able to ensure that TB patients get the proper care and support.


Nalini.K, she works for REACH as the district coordinator of Chennai for Project Axshya. She is instrumental in networking different stakeholders for the cause of tuberculosis.

*Name has been changed

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The REACH Pharmacy initiative is very useful for patients. The pharmacists are actively referring the patients in my area. Almost every day of the week I get to meet someone referred by a pharmacist. Their interest to work for TB control should be appreciated.
A pharmacy called Prem Medicals provided me a 44 year old patient who had been on private ATT treatment which was diagnosed at his hometown in Trichy. He had completed 6 months and was wondering about his follow-up checkup, when the pharmacist referred him to us. I sent the patient to an RNTCP service centre, which checked his sputum and declared him TB free. The patient was very happy that he could complete this process without going to Trichy and said that, “I was worried that I will have to spend a lot to travel back to Trichy, but am so relieved and happy that I could get myself tested here itself. Within a span of 3 days I was able to get a satisfactory check- up”

Deena-Field Officer

Sharing her view

Sharing her view