99620 63000 -Tring Tring…TB helpline…can I help you?

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  • My three and half daughter often gets cough and cold. Do you think she needs to be diagnosed for TB?
  • My father has been diagnosed by a doctor for TB. He has just prescribed anti TB drugs and given it to my father. As I was a medical representative I was able to realize that he was giving TB treatment. I am shocked that no mention of the disease was told to the patient and now I want to ensure that I get good diagnosis and treatment for my father? Please guide me?
  • I want to know more about the work that you’re doing as an organization?
  • I have taken 7 months of TB treatment privately? Is the treatment best in government or private?
  • I have been affected with TB twice? Where can I go for diagnosis?
  • Is asthma hereditary and is it asthma that becomes TB later on in years?
  • I know someone who has discontinued TB treatment? How can I help him?
  • I get wounds in my legs often. Can it be TB?
  • I have been diagnosed as having TB in the eye? Can a person be affected in the eye with TB?
  • My sister has MDR TB/Can it be cured completely?
  • My wife has not been responding to TB treatment for 3 months? What should I do?
  • I have the habit of smoking? Do you think I can get TB?
  • I have cough for more than 3 weeks? where should I go?
  • I have a person who is buying TB drugs? How can I help him?

This is a sample of the queries that I am getting on the TB Helpline. I do not know the person calling me on the other side, but from the query I sense their fear and worry.

It brings me happiness to know that when I talk to them and provide them with informed knowledge; it can help them take the right steps towards the course of diagnosis and treatment. 

Sheela.A, Program Manager, Public Private Mix project, REACH

Can I know more about your work???

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As I stepped into the office on a Saturday morning, little did I expect from the routine call of my colleague Joseph, other than work. He provides TB care for patients from the V-Cure Hospital, Medavakkam in Chennai.

He explained about a new case that he was counseling and that the patient’s son wanted to speak to me. I took the call and the voice on the other end appreciated the efforts that we had taken to ensure that patients receive proper information on TB care. He enquired for details about our organization. I did send him the information requested immediately.

I found that his loved one, was about to start on the path of treatment. Many patients are started on treatment, but only few respond enthusiastically to the work we do.

Tackling TB does not mean only providing treatment, but trying our best to get such ordinary people become interested in the battle.

I along with Joseph hope that such interested people will make a difference, by talking about TB or the work of REACH within their communities.

Sheela.A, Program Manager, Public Private Mix project, REACH