At the TB care centers where we provide TB treatment, one of the most frequently asked question by the field officers to the TB patients is,

How are you feeling now, after completing TB treatment for 2-3 months?? Here are the answers…..


 “After being diagnosed with TB, I thought that I was going to die, but now I have regained the strength as from my youth. My health has changed because of your care and service.”- Patient XXX

“My symptom of cough has reduced and I am having an increase in my appetite. I am happy to see that my medicines have been reduced now.”- Patient XXX

“I am glad that my husband who has TB is now better. As we are preparing for our daughter’s marriage I thought that I will have to go alone to distribute the marriage invitation. Now we can go together “- Patient’s wife XXX

“I can now go for earning my daily bread as a load man at the vegetable market now”.-Patient XXX

“I can now breathe without any pain and can manage looking after my two kids without my mother’s help”- Patient XXX

“Look at me now, no one can say I have TB or the fact that I vomited blood on many occasions and had to be hospitalized. I feel so much better” – Patient XXX

“I am glad the number of tablets has reduced from 7 to 3 now. I am confident to complete my treatment now.”-Patient XXX

“I was not able to sit on my sewing machine, now I am able to work again as a tailor with a dream to rebuild my home.”- Patient XXX

The desire to lead a healthy life, work to look after their family, engage in the responsibilities of life, and probably dream for doing the things longed for, is a basic right for all people.  TB treatment makes the answers of hope possible for many people.

As narrated by Ms.Shanthi, Ms.Chitra, Ms. Deena and Ms. Kalpana, working as field officers in REACH PPM.


From left: Ms. Chitra, Ms. Deena, Ms. Shanthi, Ms. Kalpana