Mr SaravananIt has been a year since Saravanan started as a volunteer with REACH. After attending a meeting organized by REACH, Saravanan understood the burning problem of TB in our country. His curiosity was piqued and after repeated interaction with our staff he decided to step in and do his bit to help patients.

“After attending a meeting organized by REACH, I realized that despite TB being curable many were dying”.  Says Saravanan

Saravanan, hails from a middle class family. Working in an NGO he divides time between from being a treasurer at his NGO and a REACH volunteer.

His work at the Teynampet Corporation Clinic begins at 9:30 am every alternate day. Collecting patients’ sputum, Saravanan reaches Kodambakkam DMC (Designated Microscopy Centre) where they get tested. He spends half a day at the Teynampet centre educating people about TB.  He also collects the reports and informs the patients. In a month he collects 50 samples for testing.

Apart from this, he talks to patients who visit the corporation clinic and inquires if they have any symptoms of TB. Since there is no counseling at the centre; he motivates TB patients and reinforces the need to complete the treatment. His commitment to save lives pushes him to do more every day.  He has so far helped more than 40 lives by timely intervention.

“I want to do more and through our NGO we want to provide nutritional support to poor TB patients”. Says Saravanan who continues to be a part of our fight against TB.

We appreciate Saravanan for his efforts and commitment.