As a proprietor of a pharmacy in Pattinampakkam; Bharat is not an ordinary pharmacist.  Apart from giving the prescribed medicines to patients; he pays special attention to people who come with symptoms of TB.

After a staff from REACH visited his pharmacy and educated him about tuberculosis, Bharat realised the burden of TB in our country.  His interest in TB grew and as a pharmacist he understood the importance of referring patients to DOT centre. Since then he has been keen on being a part of our organisation to fight against TB.

Once he identifies a patient with the symptoms of TB, he educates them on the disease and the importance of sputum test. So far, he has referred around 50 patients and is also a DOT provider. In the last eight years several patients have been visiting his pharmacy to take their medicines. He also counsels the patients by highlighting the need to complete the treatment.

Purushothaman, a cured TB patient was referred by Bharath to REACH. Having no clue about TB or its treatment; Bharath’s timely intervention saved Purushothaman his life.

“I am grateful to Bharath because he saved my life”. Says Purushtohaman.

Bharat is also involved in advocacy in his community.  He creates awareness about the disease, its symptoms and all the free treatment options available at government hospitals.

“Once they are cured, they bless me which makes me happy”; says Bharat, who still continues to play is part in the fight against TB.