The festival of Thaipusam is celebrated with pomp and glory in the state of Tamil Nadu. Every year, the temple town of Palani sees a huge gathering of pilgrims between December and January.  It is common for scores of devotees to commence their ascent of the hill to worship the Lord Subrahmanyan. The uphill climb can be exhausting and several camps are situated along the way to help the devotees rest and provide basic medical care.  Life TB Forum had one such camp on the route.

‘Life TB Forum’ has been an active group of people educating and creating awareness on TB in Dindugal district.  Around 13 volunteers from this forum decided to serve the pilgrims. From providing drinking water to cleaning wounds, they found this camp to be an ideal place to reach out to several people and create awareness on TB and cough hygiene practices.

Every day, they spent three hours in the morning talking to pilgrims who walked into their camp to rest. The forum members focused more on cough hygiene as it was cold and many of the devotees were coughing (a common mode of spreading TB). The pilgrims interacted with the members and also raised many doubts. Educating them on the treatment options available at government hospitals pamphlets were also distributed to the pilgrims.

“The devotees listened to us with a lot of patience and we were able to spend a good amount of time talking to them” said Mr. Ravi, an active member of the forum.

REACH applauds the efforts of ‘Life TB Forum’.

A TB Forum member handing out a pamphlet.

A TB Forum member handing out a pamphlet.