REACH believes in involving people from different professions to fight TB. One such active person in our mission is Dr. Sundar Raj- a Siddha practitioner. Located at Annai Sathya nagar, Off Greenways road, Chennai, the clinic is visited by people living in the vicinity.

After attending a workshop organized by REACH in 2013, he decided to help people living in his area.  Apart from curing their ailments he educates people about TB.  Since there is taboo surrounding the disease, many people do not talk openly about it. If he finds a patient having symptoms of TB he personally brings them to our PPM centre at the Hindu Welfare Centre in Alwarpet, Chennai.

“Everyone is important and I want to help as many people possible. Taking them to the welfare centre on my bike is not going to cost me much”. Said Dr. Sundar Raj

So far he has referred more than ten patients and is also a DOT provider for a pharmacist.  The residents of Annai Sathya Nagar know about his dedication to help TB patients.

“There is a 19-year old guy, who has TB and he is yet to start his treatment. I will take him to the Welfare Centre soon” said the Siddha man with a smile on his face.

Dr. Sundar Raj felt that to make the society TB free, more emphasis should be given for advocacy and removing stigma surrounding the disease.

We thank him for his dedication and sincerity!

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