75 kms away from Thiruvanamali and a part of Eastern Ghats; Jawadu Hills are situated at least 3000 feet above sea level. Waterfalls, lakes and the Kavalur Observatory allure tourists during the holiday season. The hills are also home to over 40,000 tribal people who have inhabited the area for many generations.

But, the inhabitants of the hills have a secret. Several of them have been affected by TB. Over 40 TB patients attended a patients’ charter meeting organised as a precursor to a massive awareness camp to reach out to the tribal folk.

The awareness camp was organized in 20 locations covering a population of 10,000 inhabitants. Several families attended the camp. Many of them were unaware of the disease and the camp proved beneficial, as many tribals with TB symptoms came forward to give their sputum for testing.






Information about TB has also painted at prominent locations in the hamlet.

Despite tough terrain and erratic weather patterns an Intensive Outreach Awareness (IOA) drive is underway to reach out to every household to detect TB symptomatic tribes. This drive will continue till the end of September 2015.