REACH builds rapport with private practitioners  to inform them about the availability of TB care services in the Government and trains them on the ways and means by which they can get involved in the program. To reach out more private practitioners, TB forums have helped in identifying and sensitizing them. Life TB Forum in Dindugal, has sensitized 21 private practitioners out of which 10 of them have started referring cases. So far, out of 33 referrals – 17 have been found positive for TB.

The star among these doctors is -Dr. Karuppasamy, who referred 14 symptomatic patients and found 5 to be as TB positive. To ensure the patients take their medicines on time his clinic has been converted as a DOT centre. Now, the DOT centre is handling 10 TB patients including patients who were found positive by government hospitals. It’s not just educating his patients on tuberculosis, Dr. Karuppasamy even counsels when they need to help a spouse understand the patient’s needs.

Appreciating his sincerity and efforts, several patients from the government hospital are being sent to his clinic for DOTS.