Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday is DOTS day. Several patients visit the PPM centre in CSI Kalyani hospital. For me, every patient is like a family member and I ensure to interact and enquire about their health and motivate them to take their medicines regularly. Amongst these patients there is a seven- year old boy who is very special to me. His name is Raghu* and he is from Nepal.

As I park my two-wheeler, Raj* greets me with a wide affable smile. Saying “hi uncle” he takes my bag and accompanies me to my cabin. Raghu has tuberculosis and is on treatment for the past two months. Initially it was difficult for him to swallow the medicines and I helped him overcome this ordeal by being supportive and raising his morale. Though, there was a clear language barrier, I somehow managed to persuade him to take his medicines. After a few weeks, he started interacting more and more with me despite the language issues.

Raj genuinely brings a cheer on my face. At such a young age, his presence makes me forget all my worries. It is always a pleasure to see him in the clinic. He is one of the youngest patients I have ever treated and I find him influencing me with his warm smile and greetings! I hope, wish and pray that he completes his treatment successfully and visits me often!

As narrated by Mr. Joseph, Zone Coordinator, REACH

* Name changed to protect identity.