I was walking to the bus stop to visit a patient when I saw a familiar face. But, my mind could not recollect her name nor the place where I had seen or met her. She also looked at me and must have had the same thought, as she called out, “Madam, don’t you remember me? You took me to Stanley Hospital for a second opinion after being referred by Samipillai through a pharmacist in my area”.

I scanned my memory to identify the lady who had just spoken to me. After few seconds, I was able to recollect her name and the time when she had come to the DOTS centre. Kripa*  had come to the DOTS centre with pain and said “Give me some medicines so I can end my life peacefully, as I am not able to bear this abdomen pain”.

I consoled her and we went to Stanley Hospital, where Dr. Geetha referred her to the Gastroenterology department. I just accompanied her and told her to follow the advice of the doctors.

Now after 10 months, after seeing her again I was happy to hear that she had completed her treatment two months back. She was diagnosed with TB in abdomen and the doctors had referred her to the nearest DOTS centre.

“I thank you for your guidance. I thought of calling and informing you but somehow I forgot. I am so happy I could meet you here and have the opportunity to thank you”.

It is always nice to see a patient who has regained his/her health after undergoing a lot of pain. As I think about this incident, I feel that God orchestrates our every action and the people we meet in life. Even though we may come across them for few minutes, and our paths taking different directions; we still have the opportunity to turn around people’s lives for the better.

If it was not, for the pharmacist who took the time to really listen to his customer and took that important step towards guiding them to REACH, she would not be here today shopping for new clothes.

It was such a joyful moment for me, that day, knowing the difference that we can create in people’s lives.

As narrated by Deena, Zone Coordinator, PPM Initiative.

*name changed to protect identity.