A fine morning, my official day started when I am pushing myself into the electric train amidst the horde of office goers. A miracle can happen once in a while, it happened – alas, I got the seat near the window. While train started moving, the fresh breeze blew on my face and my eyes were closed to enjoy the journey towards my Work Place.

Suddenly my ears were bewildered with the strong sound of a cough. As a reflex action to a stimulus of coughing sound, my head turned to a lady sitting near me immediately. She was groomed up well brightly, seemed to be well educated and an office goer. She coughed out continuously, but with no precautionary action of closing her mouth. Nobody showed any concern over it, but I started feeling uncomfortable sitting there. I found no way to tell her how important it is to cover her mouth while coughing. Feeling helpless, I looked around, found the empty seat in the other corner invited me to occupy and I did.

A thought flashed – Few months before I had also been similarly like her. If I am not employed in REACH and not sensitized to cough with care, I also will continue to be the same.

How to annoy an unknown person who cough without care by telling her to take care of others around while coughing, that too, in a public place?!  I got down from the train and walking towards the office, lugging with this question, still searching for an answer!!

— Shared by Sudaroli, REACH