“Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.”  –  Luther Burbank

She brings me flowers whenever she meets me. It is all flowers blossomed from her own garden, different varieties and in different colours.

Chandra* was introduced to me as a symptomatic patient and diagnosed with TB. She has undergone lots of psychological and emotional stress when she was affected with TB. She faced struggle at home managing with the teenage children and inattentive husband. Above all, burden of TB fuelled her struggle into massive psychological catastrophe. She looked very unmanageable whenever she came to take DOTS.

During my home visit to Chandra’s home, I found a little space around her home. I suggested her to plan for gardening as a way to drain the stress. I told her to take some time to water the plants in the morning and evening; observe at the plants, flowers and the way it grows. I just wanted herself to feel refreshed free of her stress so suggested the way.  It worked out for the purpose it was suggested.

How her struggle with the family and the disease put under control was another tale…! But the life flowing, beautiful garden added colours to her life, scaling up her energy to blow up the devastation which she led into.

It is all because of flowers smiling at her colourfully and green plants nodding at her energetically, taught her handling the problems, balancing her emotions and of course yes, managing the disease pathway towards Cure.

She brings flowers for me, both, she and a flower smile at me blissfully… So I.

– shared by Ms. Shanthi, PPM Initiative, REACH.

*Name is changed to protect the identity