WHO | Rapid diagnostic test and shorter, cheaper treatment signal new hope for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis patients

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Tuberculosis and visual culture

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Found an interesting collection of American posters on TB awareness. The posters are all dated between 1920 and 1920, and get basic, but important messages on TB across. Here’s the first two, watch out for more! Both of these stress on the importance of cough hygiene.

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Entering Living Rooms

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Realizing the influence and impact of the small screen on every household,  STOP TB Forums formed through the Project Axshya in Madurai District networked with a leading channel in Madurai, Lion Channel to  take the TB message to the threshold of every house.

The Stop TB Forum acquired permission to broadcast TB awareness videos created by REACH every two hours in between programs.  This is a classic example of involving the different stake holders of society in TB control.

Project Axshaya appreciates this act of social responsibility exhibited by Lion Channel and hope to take the TB message to more homes with the support of more such TV channels.

REACH Blog Team

Lets talk about TB

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“…but why have these programs here? None of our children have these problems”

The REACH team is on a round of conducting awareness programs on Tuberculosis in English medium schools. While we have been met with some skeptisim and questions like “…but why have these programs here? None of our children have these problems”; programs like the one we  conducted yesterday among students from Lady Andal show just how much a little dailogue can change.

The Program was conducted for students from class 9 -12. Initially the students were quite curious as to why we had come to their school to spend an hour ‘Talking TB”. We began by showing them a map on the global incidence of TB, when asked why they think Africa might have more TB than India a little girl in the front row gleefully replied it was probably because “they have so many different wild animals there”. Two of the winning entries from the TB Tales competition were screened, both received much applause. (Anyone that is interested in using these films for awareness etc can get in touch with us)

At the end of the program each child was asked to write down how they would stop TB. Most responses read “I will stop TB by creating awareness”; some kids had taken things to the next level by writing responses like “I will stop TB by making sure everyone is fed” and “I will stop TB by going to villages and curing people that have TB”.

Neha Lamech

REACH Blog Team