Spotting a Volunteer

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Seen in the picture is Manikandan with his DOTS cap

As I rattled the TB facts to my audience during a TB awareness program at Koku Maedu village in Minjuir block, Thiruvalur District, I noticed a head nodding in constant agreement with all that I said. I also noticed the word DOTS in bold spelt on his cap. Unable to confine my curiosity I asked him where he got the cap from. Manikandan explained that he had attended a TB rally two years back. “Ever since this cap has been in my safe keeping. I have also seen how nurses administer the DOTS tablets in my village. If given a chance, I would like to be a DOTS provider to patients with TB” said an enthusiastic Manikandan.

“I now have another addition to my list of community support volunteers on whom I can lean back for support” Dinakar Sai

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Kids speak: “I will stop TB by…”

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After an awareness program with school children ranging from classes 9-12, we gave them pieces of paper and asked them to complete the phrase “I will stop TB by……..”. We loved their responses.

Here are some of them:
I will stop TB by……
  1. Spreading awareness and supporting anyone that has it
  2. Making a movie
  3. Convincing friends and family to maintain a strong immune system
  4. Murdering Mr Bacteria
  5. Becoming a DOTS provider
  6. Visiting places where there is less awareness and tell them about the disease and that we can help
  7. Making short films
  8. Motivating people to overcome the disease
  9. Telling people about REACH
  10. Identifying the symptoms
  11. Have a concert to create awareness
  12. Writing articles to spread mass awareness
  13. Having outreach programs
  14. Helping people
  15. Visit some villages to treat people who are affected with TB
  16. Encouraging people not to be ashamed of it
  17. Spreading awareness about TB and AIDS
  18. Putting ads on TV
  19. Advertising about TB in my restaurants
  20. Educating young minds
  21. Volunteering!
  22. Telling people to not drink and smoke
  23. Making sure every individual is fed and has good nutrition
  24. Eating right
  25. Spreading the word on TB. world peace and unity!

Anne and Neha