“I was diagnosed with TB and HIV but I wasn’t scared”


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“I had TB symptoms for the first time four years ago when I started coughing incessantly, lost my appetite and was exhausted all the time. I went to see a government doctor in his private clinic, who initially gave me regular medication. But when there was no improvement in my condition, I was sent for an X-Ray. The doctor referred me to a primary healthcare center after I was diagnosed with TB. I wasn’t scared at all because my doctor assured me that I could be cured. I took medicines regularly for six months and was cured but after three months of getting cured, I had a relapse. At this time I also had a test for HIV and was declared positive. More

The Big Push Campaign 2/3: No Stigma for TB

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This is the second part of the Big Push Campaign Posts. Extend your  support and solidarity with all those fighting to reduce TB, AIDS and Malaria, to create a better world.

The Big Push Campaign: TB treatment for All

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We at REACH have participated in the Big Push Campaign to express our support and solidarity with all those fighting to reduce TB, AIDS and Malaria, to create a better world.  You are viewing the first part of our 3 part blog on the same.

You too can participate and voice your support. Join the Big Push Campaign here:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/22/the-big-push_n_1884997.html?1348495543&utm_hp_ref=impact

Project Axshaya – Sweeping Ignorance Away

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The Director of the HIV +ve Society in Thiruvanamalai district, Tamil Nadu is a happy man because he has been able to refer around 20 to 30 TB suspects on an average per month, out of which at least 10 turn out to be positive TB cases.

All that he knew about TB till he became part of the activities of the Project Axshya was that it was the first infection that a HIV + person would get and its symptoms. But he is now enriched with an in depth knowledge of the disease. Sensitization of people living with HIV is a must because they consist of a high risk pool very vulnerable to the disease.

K. Jagarajamma


REACH TB Axshaya Project

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