My thoughts on the REACH Team Day

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Having planned the event with my colleagues in October 2012, I was happy Team Day finally happened on 10.01.2013. The purpose behind the event was to enable all members of the organization to come together and have a sense of being a part of a larger group.

Dr.Ramya addressed the gathering for the first time after taking charge as Executive Director on a full time basis. She energized and enthused everyone to commit themselves to the challenges of Public Health. I was impressed by the story of The Pencil…

This was followed by presentations on the work done at REACH through the different projects.

I noticed that all the Field Officers who were involved in patient care and intensive field work (PPM staff) felt great pride in sharing their achievements accompanied with big smiles spread across their faces. It was indeed an occasion for them to pat their backs and be happy.

“7 new private practitioners joined the PP network in my zone”

“13 patients referred 20 cases to me of whom I started 7 on treatment”

“66 programs done in the last year sensitizing more than 1000 people”

“11 cases were identified following a program in an area.”

“I was happy to ensure the completion of 2 patients as they were most challenging”

“716 house visits were made totally last year in the course of my monitoring’

“Providing DOTS to 39 cases totally last year”

“Initiated 99 cases on treatment”

“Food Security research study taking shape after a long process”

“95 calls on the helpline last year”

These numbers may be small, but the amount of work that each staff puts in to achieve them is indeed extraordinary.

I enjoyed the experiences this day brought me and in particular the REACH tree, which will now be put up as a reminder in the office of the work which still continues to be done in the society we live.

I and all of you in the REACH team… yes we do make a great team… let’s keep ourselves going as long as we can…

Sheela Augustine



The Big Push Campaign 2/3: No Stigma for TB

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This is the second part of the Big Push Campaign Posts. Extend your  support and solidarity with all those fighting to reduce TB, AIDS and Malaria, to create a better world.

The Big Push Campaign: TB treatment for All

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We at REACH have participated in the Big Push Campaign to express our support and solidarity with all those fighting to reduce TB, AIDS and Malaria, to create a better world.  You are viewing the first part of our 3 part blog on the same.

You too can participate and voice your support. Join the Big Push Campaign here:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/22/the-big-push_n_1884997.html?1348495543&utm_hp_ref=impact

Taking pictures 101

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Along with our one day bimonthly review meetings, REACH conducts capacity building and informative sessions. Anyone working in development would know that taking photographs of an event is as important as the event itself . Last review, we thought it would be a good idea to have Camera class 101. This is the session in photographs!


Neha Lamech

REACH Blog Team


Adieu Devi

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Seen in the picture in the center is Devi during her farewell

Fifty patients cured in one year.

Laudable earnestness which often spilled over office hours.

A titan watch gifted to you by a cured patient as a gesture of his appreciation is an indication of the care and compassion that you extended to touch lives of patients. The fact that you felt it was right to hand over the watch to the office was a sign of your sincerity towards the organization and a down to earth attitude that you wear so seamlessly.

Ever smiling and a pleasant person to stay around, memories of you will always remain with us.

May the road ahead broaden into wider horizons and your heart experience the happiness it dreams of.

REACH Blog Team


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REACH birthday Babies- From left to right-Devi, Mangai, Sai Pradap, Soundarajan, and Neha.

It was a special occasion for the REACH team to observe the birthdays of our staff in the month of JUNE.

We take this opportunity of wishing them another new year ahead with REACH, filled with blessings and riches from above.

With lots of love,

REACH Blog team