Sensitization program for IDF on Tuberculosis

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It is for a Day on 15th June 2016, as a team from REACH, we conducted a program for the staff working in Indian Development Foundation located at Mogappair. About 20 members working with Leprosy programs were assembled from different parts of Tamil Nadu for the program.

We went ahead with the planned workshop schedule and provided inputs on Barriers in the Cough to Cure pathway, Basics of Tuberculosis, Patient Charter- Rights and Responsibilities, and Recent Advances in TB.

It was a good experience for all of us from different Initiatives of REACH, coming together for conducting the program.

-Shared by Ms. Sheela , Ms. Nalini, Mr. James and Dr.GuruKarthik from various Initiatives of REACH


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Mr. Balasubramanian, proprietor of Bala Pharmacy, Royapuram addressing the community meeting

Mr. Balasubramanian, proprietor of Bala Pharmacy, Royapuram addressing the community meeting

“At the beginning, I thought REACH is getting benefitted reaching more people through me. But when the days roll out, I recognized the improvement in myself and also in my business. I have undergone several trainings by REACH which helped me to approach my customers not in a business mode but with care. When I became the spoke person of TB, I got the satisfaction of saving life of my customers and their families. Obviously, it develops the personal bondage with my customers who TRUST me completely. It is not REACH or its programs but I and my customers are benefitted.”

Mr. Balasubramanian, proprietor of Bala Pharmacy, Royapuram.


Mr. Indrasithu, proprietor of Divya Pharmacy, Pulianthope issuing pamphlet to the customer

“Though being in the Pharmacy industry for a longer time, I considered TB as also the one of the health problems as same as fever till I was approached by REACH. When I became a TB patient, I fully understood the dynamics of TB and its social complexities the patient faces. Since then I stopped selling TB medicines at my pharmacy and advocates the symptomatic customers to approach DOTS through REACH, also supports them throughout the treatment.”

Mr. Indrasithu, proprietor of Divya Pharmacy, Pulianthope.

These are not mere words but the journey of the pharmacists in TB Control along with REACH. The pharmacists conducted the community meetings on 24th March 2016 in order to observe World TB Day. They shared their experience to the community people which in turn motivate them to approach for any TB related assistance.

About hundred people participated in the three such community meetings organized by Pharmacists on this World TB Day in Royapuram by Bala pharmacy, in Pulianthope by Divya Pharmacy and in Ayanavaram by Ramesh Pharmacy. The community meeting ended up with the distribution of pamphlets with the information about TB.

The Community Engagement in TB control was also initiated at 14 pharmacies in different localities throughout Chennai. The customers of the pharmacies are encouraged to engage themselves in one of the ways of TB control mentioned in the Poster such as creating awareness in neighbourhood and workplace; referring the symptomatic person for the treatment; be a DOTS provider etc. The motivated customer can sign under any of the categories they wanted to be the part of TB control.

The pharmacies at Tandiarpet and Pulianthope of Chennai, Tharanallur of Trichy distributed pamphlets with the information about TB to the general public. REACH, at the significance of World TB Day, gifted all its active pharmacy stakeholders with the key chains having information about the initiative.


The customer signing her engagement in TB control at pharmacy

The Big Push Campaign 2/3: No Stigma for TB

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This is the second part of the Big Push Campaign Posts. Extend your  support and solidarity with all those fighting to reduce TB, AIDS and Malaria, to create a better world.

The Big Push Campaign: TB treatment for All

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We at REACH have participated in the Big Push Campaign to express our support and solidarity with all those fighting to reduce TB, AIDS and Malaria, to create a better world.  You are viewing the first part of our 3 part blog on the same.

You too can participate and voice your support. Join the Big Push Campaign here:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/22/the-big-push_n_1884997.html?1348495543&utm_hp_ref=impact

Spotting a Volunteer

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Seen in the picture is Manikandan with his DOTS cap

As I rattled the TB facts to my audience during a TB awareness program at Koku Maedu village in Minjuir block, Thiruvalur District, I noticed a head nodding in constant agreement with all that I said. I also noticed the word DOTS in bold spelt on his cap. Unable to confine my curiosity I asked him where he got the cap from. Manikandan explained that he had attended a TB rally two years back. “Ever since this cap has been in my safe keeping. I have also seen how nurses administer the DOTS tablets in my village. If given a chance, I would like to be a DOTS provider to patients with TB” said an enthusiastic Manikandan.

“I now have another addition to my list of community support volunteers on whom I can lean back for support” Dinakar Sai

REACH Blog Team       


Kids speak: “I will stop TB by…”

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After an awareness program with school children ranging from classes 9-12, we gave them pieces of paper and asked them to complete the phrase “I will stop TB by……..”. We loved their responses.

Here are some of them:
I will stop TB by……
  1. Spreading awareness and supporting anyone that has it
  2. Making a movie
  3. Convincing friends and family to maintain a strong immune system
  4. Murdering Mr Bacteria
  5. Becoming a DOTS provider
  6. Visiting places where there is less awareness and tell them about the disease and that we can help
  7. Making short films
  8. Motivating people to overcome the disease
  9. Telling people about REACH
  10. Identifying the symptoms
  11. Have a concert to create awareness
  12. Writing articles to spread mass awareness
  13. Having outreach programs
  14. Helping people
  15. Visit some villages to treat people who are affected with TB
  16. Encouraging people not to be ashamed of it
  17. Spreading awareness about TB and AIDS
  18. Putting ads on TV
  19. Advertising about TB in my restaurants
  20. Educating young minds
  21. Volunteering!
  22. Telling people to not drink and smoke
  23. Making sure every individual is fed and has good nutrition
  24. Eating right
  25. Spreading the word on TB. world peace and unity!

Anne and Neha


Entering Living Rooms

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Realizing the influence and impact of the small screen on every household,  STOP TB Forums formed through the Project Axshya in Madurai District networked with a leading channel in Madurai, Lion Channel to  take the TB message to the threshold of every house.

The Stop TB Forum acquired permission to broadcast TB awareness videos created by REACH every two hours in between programs.  This is a classic example of involving the different stake holders of society in TB control.

Project Axshaya appreciates this act of social responsibility exhibited by Lion Channel and hope to take the TB message to more homes with the support of more such TV channels.

REACH Blog Team

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